Frequently Asked Questions

How do I share my files?

Click the upload button to select one or more files. Once the upload is finished, we will issue you a unique URL which you can share with others who can then download the file instantly.

How long will my files be online?

Forever. That is, if they do not meet one of the following conditions:

  • Files violating our Terms of Use. Please report any findings immediately.
  • Files older than 36 months which has not been downloaded for 24 months.
  • Files older than 30 days which has never been downloaded at all.

What are the limit of uploads?

You are free to upload as long as you don't exceed the following restrictions:

  • Max 5 GB per file
  • Max 500 files or 50 GB per hour.
  • Max 5,000 files or 100 GB per day.

Any restrictions on downloads?

  • No. We do not enforce any form of bandwidth limitations on downloads.